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About Kreutz Photography

Founders Elizabeth & James

Kreutz Photography was founded in March 2001 in response to the increasing demand for quality action photos of participants at sporting events and athletic competitions. Kreutz Photography not only focuses on the quality of the photographs, but on the quantity of the photographs taken at each event providing many great photos for the customer. Kreutz Photography also shoots documentary photos of the event to provide race directors with high quality photos to promote the race for years to come.

Kreutz Photography founders, photographer Elizabeth Kreutz and her husband web developer and professional triathlete, James Bonney have been part of the athletic community in Austin for most of their lives. Elizabeth was born and raised in Austin and participated in running events with her father. She attended the University of Texas where she met James who was an all American swimmer at Texas, then turned triathlete. They value their relationships within the community and work hard to provide the best possible service.

Kreutz Photography only hires the best photographers who care about the events and the participants. The photographers have the latest equipment and shoot on a large file setting, to allow for large printing.

Along with her thriving event photography business, Elizabeth has continued to expand her commercial photography offerings by photographing some of the greatest athletes in the world at the Tour de France (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009) and the Olympic Games (Winter 2006 & Summer 2008). Click here to view her work on ElizabethKreutz.com

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