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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions.
Click on any of the titles in the list below to go directly to the answer.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you pronounce "Kreutz"?
...just like "boots", but with a "kr". Phonetically it would be "kroots".

When can I expect to receive my photos?
In general you can expect to receive your photos within a week of your order, however, this estimate depends largely on the volume of orders at the time your order is placed as well as your shipping preference. Your shipping preference refers only to the speed your order will be delivered through the mail, not the entire fulfillment process.

Because each photo is examined for color accuracy and custom made to your order specifications, processing of orders does take some time. You may check the status of your order (click here) at any time to see where we are in the fulfillment process. A status of "NEW" indicates that we have not started processing your order. A status of "PAID" indicates your order has been paid and will soon be sent to our photo retouching technicians for final color correction and cropping. A status of "RETOUCH QUE" indicates your order has been received by our technicians and your photos are awaiting retouching before being sent to our photo lab. A status of "PRINTING" indicates your order has been sent to our photo lab for printing. A status of "COMPLETED" indicates that your order has been printed and packaged and sent in the mail. Once your order has been marked as "COMPLETED", you can expect to recieve your order in the time based on your shipping preference.

Note: Austin residents should not select a shipping method faster than standard mail since it is one-day service within the city limits.

Are 'Cookies' required to be enabled to view and order photos?
Yes, you need to have cookies enabled in order to shop on our website.

We DO NOT place "tracking" cookies on your computer. The cookies we use are there simply to identify you to our server during the ordering process and to hold a back-up copy of your shopping cart in the event that your session times out before ordering is complete. The cart is deleted when the order is placed or when the cart is emptied.

Is JavaScript required to be enabled to view and order photos?
Yes, JavaScript is required to be able to view and order photos from Kreutz Photography.

Will my personal information that I submit on your site be shared with anyone else?
Absolutely not! We do not sare ANY of your information with anyone else and we never will. We too know how bothersome spam e-mail, telemarketing calls, and junk mail can be so we will never share any of your personal information with any third party. PERIOD.

Is the payment information I submit to you safe?
Kreutz Photography takes every precaution available to us to ensure that the payment information that you submit to us remains safe. All of your personal information is transferred to us via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Further, your information is again encrypted once it reaches our server.

How do I retreive my Saved Favorites on a return visit to your website?
To view your saved favorites, click here. Note: to access your favorites, you must be logged in with a user account. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in before the favorites can be viewed.

You should know that only items added to your Saved Favorites are stored on our server. They will be avialable upon subsequent visits to our site, regardless of what computer you are using. On the other hand, items added to your Order Summary are stored temporarily in a cookie and will only be available on subsequent visits when you are using the same computer, or until cookies are deleted.

Why are High Resolution images more expensive than most prints?
High Resolution images are the digital equivalent of a photo negative. The price is a reflection of the professional quality that goes in to all of our products as well as its value as a negative, which can be used to produce as many photos as you like, in whatever size you like (for non-commercial purposes - see copyright disclaimer).

The actual image size will vary depending on the camera used. We most commonly use a combination of Canon cameras including the EOS 1D Mark IV (4,896 x 3,264 pixels), EOS 1D Mark III (3,888 x 2,592 pixels), EOS 1Ds Mark III (5,616 x 3,744 pixels), EOS 1D Mark II (3,504 x 2,336 pixels), and EOS 1Ds Mark II (4,992 x 3,328 pixels). Of course, more recent events will be available in higher resolution than events in the distant past. We continually update our equipment as technology changes and strive to offer the best quality and resolution available at any given point in time. Any of these resolutions are suitable for printing large format prints up to 24"x36" and beyond when resized/resampled with a professional quality photo editing software program such as Adobe Photoshop. When resizing/resampling images for print, we recommend using a resolution setting of 300dpi.

How do Kreutz Photography's products and services compare with other event companies?
When we started our business, we set out with a very specific goal of providing the best product possible at the industries best prices. We listen and respond to customer inquiries and suggestions and continue to develop our website and product offerings based upon these comments and requests. We continually keep our eyes and ears open for ways to better serve our customers. Click here to see how we compare to others.

How do I find my photos if the search feature does not return any results for me?
Due to the nature of manually identifying the subjects in photos by BIB number, it is not practically possible to associate identifying data with each photograph taken. As such, we have never been able to associate identifying data with each photograph taken from any event in our history.

In consideration of this limitation, we have always posted the full collection of photos from each event for your review, and separated them into logical divisions labeled by subject matter (i.e. "Pre-Race", "Race", "Finish", "Awards", etc.) and displayed them in order of occurrence. Please remember that for events with multiple laps, you may appear in the sequence of photos more than once.

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